Utah Community Magazines

Our mission

is to tell your story.


Utah Community Magazines is a community focused publishing company. Our publications are full gloss print that include complete digital editions with hyperlinks for stories, sponsors and advertisers. UCM LLC has been publishing community magazines since 2013. The publisher, Wade Pierce oversees the creation and editing of each edition with special care given to the final culmination of story, message and format. Wade has over fifteen years of experience in publishing that started with industry specific directories for cable television systems throughout the US. His expertise in marketing, writing, editing and project management insure the highest standard in terms of quality, message and audience readability. Our professional design team attends to every detail of design, layout, and advertorial creation.


Graphic Forté is proud to work with Utah Community Magazines by creating the layout and design for each magazine. We've also served hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses throughout Utah, the U.S. and beyond. We love helping our clients share their messages and gain exposure by creating eye-catching logos, overall brands and printed advertising materials.  
 We not only create attractive designs, but we also communicate memorable messages with each client’s target audience in mind. Many of our clients who previously worked with other designers are pleasantly surprised by our fast turnaround times, affordability and how easy we are to work with. We've been in business since 2009. Check out our online portfolio at  www.graphicforte.com

Utah Community Magazines publishes the following magazines:

  • Draper City
  • Magazine Murray Magazine
  • Cottonwood Heights Magazine
  • West Valley City Magazine
  • South Bangerter Health Center Magazine

It’s about the stories

All of our magazines focus on reader friendly informational and human interest stories. They capture the imagination and provide unique insights into the cities themselves bringing the populace new and refreshing perspectives.


City Government Economic Development Medical Developments Parks & Recreation Police and Fire Services City Halls City Maps & Photo Galleries Early Settlement & History Schools

Not a One and Done

The magazines are created with the reader in mind.  They are not only stories of the creation and direction of the city, but the history of the area in regard to early settlement.  Additional content is in the form of advertorials adding to the overall richness of the publication.  They are true coffee table magazines.

Community Outreach

The combination of ad and advertorial allows your business to communicate to the populace that is more than just a revenue driven entity.  The advertorial lets residents gain a perspective on how your business contributes to the quality of life and provides an understanding of its mission statement and philosophy.

Digital Edition

Digital Duplication
The magazines average between 16,000-25,000 copies per city. They are 52 page full gloss with digital duplication which maintains an online presence for an entire year.   They are hyperlinked to your website for ongoing and updated marketing opportunities.   They are 100 language translatable for those who may use English as a second language.

Layout and Design
Each magazine has its own unique format and design created by our professional and innovative design department. You can provide digital ready content or we can design it for you!